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Venn can help shape you for Investment Readiness with a grant

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Venn aims to help startups and SMEs obtain the funding they need to make their organisation grow. The process is a little different every time and requires thorough modelling to get you Investment Ready.

How much does it cost to use Venn?


Venn was created to support startups and social enterprises. 


So we are sensitive to the fact that our clients wouldn’t ask us to help them get funding if they already had the capital to pay for us.

Therefore first we must look at what it is we do for you...


The process 


Making a startup “investment ready” is not an easy process. 


It takes us many weeks to sit with you and shape both your business & it’s finances or forecasts in the exact way that each potential fund requires it to be seen.


This costs money. However, Venn has found innovative ways from external funding to subsidise Venn’s costs - so you don’t have to. That means you don't pay for our services if you are eligible to work with us. (Find out if you're eligible here). 


The costs


The costs are bespoke to each client, depending on how much work we need to do to get you Investment Ready.


With the support of external funding, Venn can, on your behalf, apply for social enterprises to get complete subsidy of our costs - helping you to then apply for social funding with a robust and comprehensive financial plan that’s been paid for. 


Be one of the five...

Venn commits to taking on five companies each month that qualify as eligible for external funding to pay for our costs to get you investment ready. 


Click here to fill out our simple online form about your business. Then within 72 hours we can let you know if we can make you one of those five. 




If you are an SME that wishes to learn about how to become “investment ready” at no cost to your organisation then email yasmine@venn-network.com who will gladly explain more.

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